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Manage your Meetings and Minutes in the Cloud



  Total overview of all the meetings you attended or were a CCed recipient of.   Plan your meetings beforehand. Choose template, agenda and import overdue activities from preceding meetings
  Efficient to-do list with instant access to your activities
  • Overdue activities
  • Next 24 hours' activities
  • Future activities


  Total overview of your not finished and/or approved meetings.
How  to  use  MyMeetings

Manage your meetings in the cloud. Easy to use and easy to access from wherever you are. Define your own dashboard with  overdue activities, planned meetings and attended meetings. All in one screen accessible from your pc, phone or tablet.

punkt Predefined templates
punkt Meeting dashboard
punkt Meeting history
punkt Efficient to-do list
punkt Report generator



Email reminder

Share meeting minutes instantly

Access meeting minutes wherever you are

Do this and a lot more

Create a company profile

Choose from different meeting templates

Manage all meeting activities in an effective to-do list

Follow meeting history of meetings you attended

Multiple predefined meeting agenda


More highlights

Secure data transfer

Encryption of data

Receive emails when minutes are accessible on your dashboard

Import minutes from preceding meetings

Fast search of the minutes


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